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"Working with Alexandra on my feature film Where the Skin Lies was an absolute pleasure. Alex is methodological in her preparations, applying her passion for the art of special effects with efficiency and inspired creativity. Reliable and honest, she researches solutions when none are readily available, and is equally adept at recreating the look of a realistic wound as she is at developing a fictitious mutilating skin disease.
Inventive and responsive to changes, Alex is a joy on set: professional, helpful and supportive of the director’s vision. As a lead make-up artist, she knows how to manage a team and provides a comfortable atmosphere for actors preparing for the shoot.

I would not hesitate to employ Alex again, both as SFX make-up designer and 
as lead make-up artist."

Michaël Boucherie

"Alexandra was superb, a really friendly bubbly make-up artist who did an excellent job on making a 23y/o look like a bald 40 y/o. Top marks, thoroughly recommended."


Jack Spring

Director of feature film 'Destination:Dewsbury,' Circus Pictures.


"Brilliant working with you Wednesday, definitely made it such a breeze. I thought you were super easy to work with and will recommend you to others when I get the chance."


Ryan Paturzo-Polson

Director of Best Recipes

"Literally cannot recommend Alex highly enough! I've worked with her on several short films and can confirm she is incredible at what she does - from SFX to drag makeup and everything in between, the quality of her work and attention to detail have me hiring her time and time again."


Artemis Szekir-Rigas,

Director of Deadwoods and AnotherMan

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