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Kirsten Chalmers, Steven Spielburg, Crowd Makeup, Nov - Dec 
Holby City
Natalie Pateman, Main team hair and makeup, September 2021
Half Bad, TV Series
Melanie Lenihan, Crowd Hair and Makeup Artist, July -Dec 2021
Scrapper, Feature Film
 Nora Robertson, Junior, July 2021
Brussels, Feature Film
Gail Walcott, Hair and Makeup Crowd Artist, July 2021
Cockfieds, TV Series 
 Lisa Kennedy, Hair and Makeup Crowd Artist, July 2021
A Christmas Number One 
 Sue Wyburgh, Hair and Makeup Crowd Artist, July 2021
Fab Lab Commercial 
 Laura J Sessions, Hair and Makeup Assistant, June 21
‘La Traviata’ 
Opera Holland Park, Wigs Assistant, May - June 2021
‘The Marriage of Figaro’ 
Opera Holland Park, Wigs Assistant, May - June 2021
Love Specs X Indigo Freya Campaign 
HMU, April 2021
Loonigans Fashion Campaign: ‘Evolution’   
HMU, April 2021
‘Confetti,’ Little Mix, Music Video, 
Samuel Douek, Cast HMU, March 2021
UNO!, Commercial, 
 Simon Matthews, Hair and MUA, Feb 2021


Short Film: ‘Animal Pie,’
Ben Plumb, Hair and MUA, Sept 2020
 BGFX Workshop Trainee
Running silicone ears and assisting, January - March 2020
Herbal Essences South American Influencers Campaign
MUA, January 2020


Pacco Rabanne, Commercial and Campaign
Isamaya French, SFX Assistant, Nov 2019
Burnt Soul Festive Campaign
Fashion shoot and e-commerce, MUA, Nov 2019
Events2Scare: Stealth Festival,
Carl Rackham, SFX MU Artist , Sept 2019
ITV: 'Blood Squad,'
Commercial, Dan Martin, SFX MU Assistant, Sept 2019
Burberry: Festive Commercial,
Isamaya French, MU Assistant Sept 2019
HP Commercial,
Simon K Matthews, MUA, August 2019
Elliot Wright: 'Mylings,'
Music Video, Michael Couvaras, August 2019
Loonigans and Headspace Headdresses,
Fashion Campaign, MUA, July 19
Camper F/W 2019,
Isamaya French, fashion campaign, MUA assistant, May 19
Interactive art theatre piece,
Yi Lang, MUA, May 19
Transport for London: Zombie Promo,
SFX MUA, March 19
FOX TV: 'The Walking Dead - Art Apocalypse,' 
SFX MUA, Feb 19
Vivienne Westwood A/W 19 London show,
Isamaya French, SFX assistant, Feb 19
King Kong Magazine Shoot: Slow Thai,
Jimmy Jones, MU Assistant, Feb 19
UNiDAYS: Love Honey commercial,
Sara Lange, hair and make-up artist, Feb 19
'Zugzwang', Short Film,
Zu Quirke, Hair and make-up artist, Jan 19
Double Magazine,
Johnny Du Fort, SFX Artist, Jan 19
Xander Zhou A/W 19,
Nami Yoshida, Fashion Show, Makeup Assistant, Jan 19


'Everything beginning with -' Kid's Comedy Sketches
Wildbrain Ltd, Kid's Comedy Sketches, Simon Matthews, Hair and Make-up Nov 18
UNiDAYS: 'Halloween Tutorials,'
Sara Lange, Short Film,Hair and MUA Oct 18
Loonigans: A/W 18,
Fashion Shoot, Olivia Wright, Hair and MUA, Sept 2018
'Lola,' Short Film
 Alexander Vlahos, Ruby Londsdale, Makeup Assistant Sept 2018
'Whatever happened to Richard Blaine?' Short Film 
Richard John Taylor, Hair and MUA, Sept 2018
'Muse,' Feature Film,
LJQ ltd, Richard John Taylor, Hair, MUA and SFX Sept 2018
UNiDAYS: 'Thanos in Retirement,' Short Film,
Sara Lange, SFX MUA, August 2018 
Charles Jeffrey SS19 London show,
Lucy Bridge, Prosthetics designer and SFX MUA, June 2018
'Legends,' TV
 Uzong Films, Hair and MUA
‘Based on a True Story,’ Comedy Sketches,
 Simon Matthews, Hair and MUA, April 2018
‘The Familiar Fingers of Culture,’ Short Film,
 Uzong Films, Conscian Morgan, SFX Make-up artist and hair and MU assistant, Nov 2017 - April 2018
'Blade Runner,' Secret Cinema, Theatre Production,
Jenny Rhodes, Hair, Wigs and Make-up, April 2018 - July 2018 
Danny Byrd: 'Salute,' Music Video, 
Hospital Records, Nikki Ellis, Hair and MUA, March 2018 
'The Krays: Dead Man Walking,' Feature Film,
Hereford Films, Richard John Taylor, Hair and MUA March 2018
'Fun Only,' Short Film,
Lukas Revzin, Hair and MUA, March 2018
'Just Love,' Short Film,
Acanthus Film Production, Michael Hapeshis, Hair and MUA and SFX, March 2018
'Chasing Ghosts,' Feature Film, 
Bulleight Films & Tharun Productions, Aoun Kahn, Hair MUA and SFX artist, Feb 2018
‘The Lion King,’ at The Lyceum Theatre,
Disney Ltd, Sara Tyndall, Make-up assistant, Jan 2018.


‘Angel Studios Christmas Orchestra,’ Music Video,
Dragonfly, Music Video, Craig Hendry, Make-up, Nov 2017
 'Baghead,' Short Film,
Long Shot Media Ltd., Alberto Corredor, Hair, Make-up, SFX, Oct 2017
‘Boo Brownies,’ Recipe Video
Best Recipes, Recipe Video, Ryan Parturzo-Polson, Body Painting, Oct 2017
Loonigans ‘S/S Collection 2018,’ Fashion Shoot,
Olivia Wright, Make-up, Oct 2017
‘Destination: Dewsbury,’ Circus Pictures, Feature Film,
Jack Spring, SFX Make-up, Oct 2017
‘In Retrospect’, Feature Film,
Rick McCullagh, SFX Make-up, Sept 2017
Cardo Remel: ‘What you do’, Music Video,
2203 Media Ltd, Chris West, Make-up/SFX, Sept 2017
‘Dead Ringer’, Feature Film,
Teamworks Films Ltd, Richard Colton, Make-up Assistant, July 2017
‘Killing Time’, Short Film,
Delphina Films, Trevor Williams, July 2017
Celine Ducret: Fashion Stills and Film,
Argiel Del Mundo, June 2017
‘Mother’, Short Film,
Imagine Science Films, Barry Gibb, Make-up/SFX, May/June 2017
'Moulin Rouge,' Secret Cinema,
Jenny Rhodes, Wigs and Make-up, May 2017
EFA: ‘Hit and Run’, Music Video, 
Wanda Productions, Greg Kouts, Make-up/SFX, May 2017
Hunger Magazine: ‘Sexism’, Fashion Film,
Eskay Lama, Make-up, May 2017

‘Only Sin is Religion’, Music Video,
Oh Come On Productions, Madeleine Farley, Make-up and SFX, Dec 2016
‘Wannabe’, Short Film,
 Rebecca Rycroft and Tony Fran, Head of MU, Nov 2016
‘Where the Skin Lies’, Feature Film,
Signwriter Films Ltd, Feature Film, Michaël Boucherie, Head of MU and SFX, Aug-Oct 2016 
‘Another man’, Student Film,
Artemis Szekir-Rigas, SFX and drag make-up, July 2016
‘Cupid & Psyche’, Student Film,
Suzanna Prodromou, MUA, June 2016


‘Freakshow’, Student Film,
Sophie Moore, Wig and MUA Assistant, Sept 2015
‘Deadwoods’, Student Film,
Artemis Szekir-Rigas, SFX MUA, Sept 2015
‘Bloody Cakes, Short Film,
Vanya Gostev, Matthew Lee, MUA, September 2015
MTV ‘Ex On The Beach’ Promo,
Tutor Steven Solomon, MUA and creative director, May – June 14
‘Inhabit’, Short Film,
Jane Devoy, MUA, June 2014

BA at London College of Fashion: Hair and Make-up for film and TV / 2:1
A Levels at East Barnet School: Photography, Art, English Literature / A*, A, C 

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